The story begins in 2012 in the Essex countryside. While walking with friends on their landed estate in Danbury it was suggested that some of the agricultural land owned by the Bunker family could be an ideal location for growing vines. A seed had been planted.

Following their passion for growing and talent for identifying opportunities, the family commissioned a detailed feasibility study, and the results were astounding. The location was perfect! Danbury sits in the warmest and driest corner of England and is located 40-50m above sea level. The proposed vineyard site sloped southwards and was sheltered from the wind by mature woodland. Close proximity to the sea ensured warmer conditions and the stony gravel would provide ideal drainage. A truly unique microclimate.  

From the outset, the family decided that they would aspire to produce grapes that could compete on an international level and be determined by outstanding quality rather than volume. This would require expert advice, capital and patience.

Our history

The first vineyard was planted in 2014 and followed by two further vineyards on the estate in 2017 and 2018. Every possible variable was carefully considered, from the extensive ground preparation to the digging of a self-sustaining reservoir which enables a fully automated drip watering system.

So much has already been accomplished but this is just the start of the journey.