Sleipnir Block


Sleipnir is located in the most easterly region of the Danbury Ridge estate. Twelve acres are planted on loam soil with the ideal mix of London Clay, sand and silt providing rich and deep soil optimal for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vine cultivation. With Hyde Wood to the north to assist in heat retention, it is planted at 1,300 vines per acre and crop yields are kept ultra-low.

Named after the Norse god, Odin’s eight-legged horse the Sleipnir Vineyard is slightly larger than the Octagon, and less sheltered. This is the coolest of the three blocks by day but, conversely, the warmest by night.

The soil here is a mix of loam and calcareous clay. Having   bulldozed   its   way across East Anglia’s chalkland, the melting ice sheet terminated and deposited its load erratically. The exhausted marl pits just to the east of Sleipnir were once a source of carbonate-rich clay, and both red and white wines benefit from the freshness and mineral qualities that have long been associated with this soil type.

Key Information

Planted: 2017
Acreage: 12.67 (5 hectares)
Varieties: 52% Pinot Noir, 37 % Chardonnay, 11% Pinot Meunier
Trellis system: Single guyot VSP